How to Conquer the Crucible Knights Together in the Elden Ring

Fighting just one Crucible Knight is a challenge in and of itself. One of the most difficult bosses is the one that requires you to fight both of Elden Ring gold's Crucible Knights at the same time.


Fighting just one Crucible Knight is a challenge in and of itself. One of the most difficult bosses is the one that requires you to fight both of Elden Ring gold's Crucible Knights at the same time.


Crucible Knights are one of the few enemies in Elden Ring that can be considered truly terrifying. Combating a Crucible Knight one-on-one is without a doubt one of the most difficult miniboss battles in the Elden Ring because of their imposing stance and magnificent armor, which intimidate enemies from a far distance. However, there is a room in the middle of the game that contains two bosses for players to fight.

In contrast to the Spiritcaller Snail Godskin Duo that appears outside of Farum Azula, these bosses have to be taken on simultaneously in order to be defeated. It is not particularly difficult to kill the Lesser Crucible Knight because he is not the most dangerous foe in the world. The true challenge of this battle is going up against two of them at once using quick and powerful moves that have the potential to launch them out of range for lethal sweeping and holy attacks.


Where are the two members of the Crucible Knights?


- If you thought that fighting one Crucible Knight was challenging, then fighting both of them at the same time will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging boss fights in the Elden Ring

- Crucible Knight Ordovis and the Lesser Crucible Knight are the two members of the Crucible Knight Duo

- The Lesser Crucible Knight wields the Spear that was formerly owned by Siluria

- This nameless Lesser Crucible Knight has a lot to live up to when it comes to wielding this armament because Siluria was one of two honored as first of the Crucible Knights, the other being Ordovis

The Crucible Knight Duo can be found in the Altus Plateau at the end of the Auriza Hero's Grave. Although it appears to be adjacent to the Capital Rampart Site of Grace on the map of the world, this location can actually be found beneath it. The Minor Erdtree located outside of Leyndell is where you will find the quickest and most direct route there. If you look carefully at the map of the world, you should be able to spot a road that splits off to the southwest of the Minor Erdtree. From the fork, head in the direction of the southeast road until you reach the point where it passes under the bridge that leads to the Capitol. You will come to another fork immediately after passing underneath it; to reach the Auriza Hero's Grave, take the road that heads to the right and the south.

Strategies And Hints For Playing The Crucible Knight Duo

The Crucible Knight Duo is a challenging boss fight, but there are ways to avoid taking damage from him. Because Crucible Knights move quickly, hit hard, and have attacks that can come out of nowhere, it is almost imperative for every build to bring a Spirit Ash into this fight. In Elden Ring, distractions come in handy, especially when facing a boss that combines two of the most challenging enemy types found throughout the game. Players should make it a priority to eliminate the Lesser Crucible Knight before taking on Crucible Knight Ordovis because the former has less health and eliminating Elden Ring Colossus Guardian will ensure that they are not distracted during the more difficult battle against the latter.

When fighting the Crucible Knights, you should avoid using Holy or Magic damage against them because they have resistance to it. Additionally, you shouldn't use Bleed or Frostbite because they have complete immunity to those effects. Choose either fire or lightning as your damaging method instead. Aside from that, the strategy is the same for both melee and ranged builds; you should stay away from Ordovis at the beginning, and you shouldn't get too greedy with your attacks. You need to exercise self-control and only attempt one or two Incantations at any given opportunity because both Crucible Knights have fast-casting Incantations at their disposal, such as Tail and their terrifying Winged attack. Players with ranged weapons should be especially wary of the Tail attack because of its potential for long-range damage.

Rewards for Conquering the Crucible Knights in Two Player Mode

In addition to the standard amount of 28,000 Runes that the player receives for defeating Crucible Knight Ordovis, they are also entitled to a variety of other rewards. Alternate pieces of the Crucible Tree set, the Crucible Axe Helm and Armor, as well as the Crucible Gauntlets and Crucible Greaves, both of which can also be looted from other Crucible Knight bosses, can be obtained by defeating the Crucible Tree. Each individual piece of the Crucible Set's armor, such as Horns or Tail, contributes to the overall improvement of the Crucible Incantations.

When players defeat the Crucible Knight Duo, they are awarded Ordovis's Greatsword as a reward. This Greatsword scales primarily with Faith and Strength, and despite its relatively low weight, it deals a significant amount of damage. Because its damage comes from both physical and holy sources, you should remove it from your equipment before facing major bosses, since they are typically immune to holy damage. The Ash of War Ordovis's Vortex imitates a move used by its namesake and allows the player to quickly spin the Greatsword around before slamming it into the ground to deal massive area-of-effect holy damage.