Elden Ring: Methods for Eliminating the Red Eyes

Elden Ring: Methods for Eliminating the Red Eyes


PS Elden Ring Runes for sale is not impossible to get rid of the bloodshot eyes that appear while playing Elden Ring; in fact, it is a distinct possibility. The decisions a player makes regarding their involvement in NPC sidequests can have a significant impact on the appearance of the player's character, even if this is not an immediate consequence that is borne in mind by all players. Even though it is not possible to undo the choices that are made in-game regarding such sidequests, the facial ramifications can be addressed for players who are unhappy with the new look that their characters are now forced to have. This guide will detail the steps necessary to achieve such a goal in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Methods for Eliminating the Red Eyes

Changes to a character's appearance, including those imposed by questlines, can be made at either the Dressing Table in the Roundtable Hold, where Fia is located, or Rennala, Queen of the Fullmoon in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, after the character has defeated Rennala's boss fight. Fia is located in the Roundtable Hold. Rennala is located in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. It is not necessary for the player to worry about losing Larval Tears if they choose to use Rennala to change their characters because they are not re-specing their characters; rather, they are only modifying their characters' cosmetics.

Players will be presented with the character creation menu again whenever they access Rennala or the Dressing Table in the game. This menu was initially presented to players when they started the game. Choose Detailed Appearance, then Alter Face Hair, and finally Eyes to customize your appearance. It is expected that a new option labeled Eye Alteration will be accessible at the very bottom of the screen for players who have Red Eyes as a result of acquiring the Bloody Finger. If you want to get rid of the Red Eyes that are currently on your character, you can do so by toggling Eye Alteration from the On position to the Off position.

When you have finished doing so, go back to the main screen and select Finish Cosmetics to save your changes. If everything has been done properly, then the players should find their characters with the eye color that they had when they created them, as opposed to the eye color that they have in their altered states. By following the steps outlined above, players are able to switch back and forth between their normal and red-eyed states as frequently as they feel the need to do so.

Regarding the eyes, there is one more thing that should be mentioned, and that is the presence of dragon eyes. The player has a chance of acquiring dragon eyes if they participate in a sufficient number of communions at the Dragon Church and use Dragon Hearts as an exchange currency for incantations. This can be accomplished by exchanging Dragon Hearts for incantations. The eyes of the character will take on a draconian appearance, taking on a yellow hue and developing pupils that are slitted. Bear in mind that if you are not interested in the idea of having dragon eyes either, you can remove this eye alteration just as easily by using the dressing table or Rennala, so keep that in mind if you do not want to have dragon eyes.

Although there are not that many cosmetic alterations made to the player character as a result of the actions undertaken by the player while they traverse the Lands Between in Elden Ring, all of the ones that do exist can be changed back, so players should not worry if they do not like the new look that they have been given.

This is probably the simplest example to explain; the change transforms your normal eyes into yellow eyes that almost have a draconian appearance. After consuming a certain number of Dragon Hearts at either the Church or Cathedral of Dragon Communion, this occurrence will take place. The explanation for why this process occurs can be found in the aforementioned incantation description. You will gradually become more draconic as you continue to practice Dragon Communion, which is the act of consuming Dragon Hearts in exchange for various powers. Even though this results in nothing more than a cosmetic change to your character's eyes, it is still a cool indicator that the decisions that your character makes have consequences.

If you complete the side quest given by White Mask Varre, your eyes will become permanently bloodshot and crimson if you do so. This takes place at the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes and requires you to invade a few other players before you can soak a cloth in the blood of a maiden. The invasions begin at the Rose Church.

The completion of these deeds is a requirement for advancement to the rank of Knight of Mohg, Lord of Blood.


Return to Varre once you have completed those tasks, and he will perform a ritual on your finger that sounds like it will be very painful. This ritual will involve anointing your finger with blood. This ritual is what causes the outward change to take place, and it appears to represent the noble blood beginning to settle inside of you. It is possible that the purpose of the anointment ritual is actually to make your blood accursed, and that Mohg and, as a result, the knightly order that you join during this quest are associated with accursed blood.

This aesthetic effect is connected to one of the many possible conclusions to Elden Ring's story, specifically the conclusion known as "Lord of the Frenzied Flame."Interacting with the Three Fingers that are located in the chasm behind Mohg in the Omen's boss arena is one of the steps that you need to take in order to reach this conclusion. Your vision will become distorted and take on a chaotic, yellowish cast as a result of their blessing.

The Frenzied Flame is an Outer God that was responsible for spreading the flames of chaos throughout the Lands Between, much like how the Greater Will was responsible for spreading order. The former was actually called forth in order to fight the latter, and now the Frenzied Flame intends to wipe the Lands Between clean of the Greater Will's Golden Order in order to complete its mission of destroying the Lands Between. In the same way that the Greater Will has envoys in the Two Fingers, it also has envoys in the Three Fingers.