All the Information We Have on Miquella's Elden Ring

All the Information We Have on Miquella's Elden Ring.


Numerous non-player characters and playable characters populate Elden Ring and spread the game's narrative and lore of the Lands Between before and after the Shattering. The majority of Elden Ring's important figures are encountered in the roles of allies or superiors, and their backstories are typically revealed only by osmosis or via the acts of other characters. It is up to the player to make the links between the various plot threads and characters in order to get a complete picture.

The gods and goddesses, as well as their offspring, play pivotal roles in the narrative since they are revered as divine beings. As the plot unfolds, the player gets to know each of these characters by name, but one name stands out from the rest: Miquella the Unalloyed. Although Miquella is never directly shown on screen, he is widely assumed to be a powerful figure in the Elden Ring universe.

Origin of Miquella
Miquella's background starts with Queen Marika and her quite convoluted family line. To serve the Greater Will, the Outer God who brought the Elden Ring to the Lands Between, Marika was crowned queen. King Hoarah Loux was chosen by Marika and became known as Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. Margott, Mohg, and Godwyn were their three demi-god children.

Markia married Radagon after successfully ushering in the Golden Age and sending Godfrey and the Tarnished packing. Miquella and Malenia, identical twins, were born to Marika and Radagon. Sadly, both of the twins were born with unique congenital anomalies over which we can only speculate. Malenia was doomed to a lifetime of Scarlet Rot, whereas Miquella was doomed to always look like a child because of a curse placed on him.

Miquella was regarded as extremely potent and a suitable successor to Queen Marika. Despite his curse, Miquella remained a prominent member of his family and was held in high regard by his fellow Golden Order demi-gods. Miquella hated the Golden Order and its influence on his family, so he left Elden Ring items in search of healing for himself and his sister.

Making of Haligtrees and Pure Gold
Miquella left the Golden Order and struck off on his own, where he developed unalloyed gold, which was immune to Scarlet Rot and the influence of the Outer Gods. Miquella planted a sapling and began watering it with his own blood in the hopes of curing both his sister and himself with his invention. As the tree on top of Elphael's city grew, Miquella cared for it in the hopes that its Empyrean blood would produce a new Erdtree. This tree is now known as the Haligtree.

Many creatures and soldiers, outfitted in unalloyed gold armor, worshiped the demi-god at Miquella's Haligtree, protecting the tree and its roots. Although Miquella possesses the power to coerce the affections of others, it is not apparent whether these guardians opted to safeguard her Haligtree on their own accord. The Empyrean Miquella is adored by many," it says in the description of the Bewitching Branch. To force such passion, he has learnt extremely well," which suggests that Miquella's popularity and devotion may be the result of his own extraterrestrial involvement.

However he got there, Miquella knew he had to break the curse that had followed him and so he embedded himself in the Haligtree, intending to grow alongside it as it matured. But his stay in the tree was short-lived, as his half-brother Mohg stole Miquella's cocoon from the tree in an effort to bring him to full godhood and establish Mohg as Miquella's consort and monarch. While fighting Radahn, Malenia was injured and had to be carried back to the Haligtree by one of her warriors. Malenia sat waiting for Miquella's return at the Haligtree's base when she realized it was too late to save her brother.

The Impact of Miquella Around the Globe
Miquella brings unalloyed gold to the realm of Elden Ring, and it is arguably her greatest invention. This potent ingredient can treat Scarlet Rot, making it an invaluable tool in Millicent's path to Malenia. The first time most players hear of unalloyed gold is from Sage Gowry, who says that the only way to save Millicent from the Scarlet Rot is to obtain a holy needle crafted of unalloyed gold. The Unalloyed Gold Needle is given to the player if they have completed Millicent's quest.

After slaying Malenia at the Haligtree's base, players can use the gigantic Scarlet Aeonia that rests on her body with the Unalloyed Gold Needle. By taking this action, the player will grant Miquella's dying wish to save his sister from death. However, if the Scarlet Aeonia is cured, the player receives Miquella's Needle, a game-altering item with significant power and utility.

Players who find themselves engulfed by the Frenzied Flame before the game's conclusion have one chance to reverse the process and avoid becoming the Lord of the Frenzied Flame. In the boss arena against Dragonlord Placidusax, players can extinguish the flame and unlock a different ending if they have Miquella's Needle. As the legend of the Elden Ring goes, the unfinished needle can protect against the interference of the Outer Gods, even the one who invokes the Frenzied Flame, but it can only be used at the eye of the storm in Farum Azula.

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As a result of being taken from his Haligtree before he could mature, Miquella spends all of Elden Ring inactive in his cocoon. You can find his body, still covered in his cocoon and oozing with blood, towards the far end of Mohg's boss arena. As the player character has no way to communicate with Miquella, it is unknown if he has any other purpose in the game.