During our research, we were able to capture more than 178 companies that provide fill / finish services for biologics. Further, more than 50% of the players engaged in this domain, were established after 2000.


The industry has witnessed the entry of 7% players, since 2015. Of these, over four are based in Asia-Pacific and five in North America. Examples of the recently established players include (established post 2016, in reverse chronological order) Resilience (2020), Liof Pharma (2020), JOINN Biologics (2018), Exelead (2017), Esco Aster (2017) and CMAB Biopharma (2017). Of these, three companies, namely JOINN Biologics, Exelead and Esco Aster have spun-out from their parent companies, which have been operating in the biopharmaceutical domain for several decades.


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Moreover, companies offering biologics fill / finish have been segregated under three categories, namely small (less than 50 employees), mid-sized (51-500 employees) and large companies (more than 500 employees). It is important to mention that, for the purpose of this analysis, information has been sourced primarily from company websites and other reliable sources, such as LinkedIn.


It is evident from the figure that more than 70% of the service providers have capabilities to operate at all scales; majority (over 35%) of such players are based in North America, followed by Europe (around 35%). Examples of such players include (established post 2010, in alphabetical order), AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, Argonaut Manufacturing Services, Alcami, Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, Exelead, JOINN Biologics, Novex Innovations, PCI Pharma Services, Pfizer CentreOne, Tanvex BioPharma and Resilience.


Further, 95% of the services providers employ vials for packaging of biologic drug products. This is followed by players that use syringes (over 65%) for filling biologics. It is worth highlighting that player, such as (in alphabetical order) Argonaut Manufacturing Services, Lonza, Pfizer CentreOne, Recipharm, Siegfried Holding and Sharp employ all type of packaging containers to offer the biologics fill / finish services.


Moreover, around 70% service providers claim to have the required capabilities to process proteins / peptides. This is followed by players that offer fill / finish services for antibodies (67%) and vaccines (63%). Further, vials emerged as the most popular type of container, being employed by 164 service providers for the packaging various type of biologics.


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