Folomie Plastic Egg Container Features and Simple Effective Design

Simple Effective Design Folomie Plastic Egg Containers is Suitable for Your Family

Folomie Plastic Egg Container puts eggs on clear display so you never have to remove the carton or guess how many are left. Simply remove an egg and the rest gently roll to the front. The inner tray can be removed for easy loading without disturbing the things stored on top. A clear cover lets you know when eggs are running low. Egg lover? The Rolling Egg Holder is stackable too. When eggs are always in their spot, you’ll start your day on the sunny side up.

This revolutionary egg holder is the one you need to store and make the eggs organise all through out.

Product Features:

For every pick up, the eggs roll automatically, so manages for you the first in first out so you don’t need to worry much about the spoilage and food waste

Front opening for easy pick up and breathable

Outer box is PET material-strong and not easy to break, while the egg tray inside is PP soft material that won’t break the egg easily

Stackable for bigger family needs and eggs lover

Simple Effective Design

Our Multi-Layer egg storage container is balanced, stackable, and sturdy. The clear design makes it easy to tell how many eggs are left.

The materials are temperature resistant and will hold up for years in the fridge. A smooth finish ensures very easy cleaning.

Folomie offers you plastic kitchen storage containers with lids online in a variety of shapes and different sizes at very low prices. Most of these plastic egg plastic container come with a lid. If you buy storage containers with snap lids just click